Course and Schedule Updates

Course and Schedule Updates

06 June 2023

Below you will find our schedule of courses for 2023. Apart from the list below, we are planning to run more courses which will be added in the coming weeks.

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Liam Smith wins 2023 GPTCA Coach of the Year Award

Liam Smith wins 2023 GPTCA Coach of the Year Award

14 April 2023

Liam Smith has been named GPTCA Coach of the Year for 2023. 

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Meet the GPTCA Level A Class of 2022

Meet the GPTCA Level A Class of 2022

03 October 2022

The GPTCA Level A Class of 2022 represents a uniquely seasoned cohort of accomplished and diverse tennis coaches positioned to make a positive impact.

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The GPTCA is the global hub for professional tennis coaching dedicated to educating, training, and assisting coaches who wish to evolve at the ATP Tour level or would like to work in women's pro tennis.

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C & B Level Course

23-25 June 2023 Thessaloniki, Greece Learn more

C Level Course

22-24 September, 2023 Beirut, Lebanon Learn more

What members are saying

"Courses offer methods for communicating with parents, the essentials regarding technical and mental development, as well as other important areas such as scheduling, nutrition and injury prevention."
Lucio Caprioli
Lucio Caprioli Italy
"What makes the GPTCA courses different are the speakers. The course instructors are all on the front lines of the ATP Tour. The information that they share with us has been proven through the competition at the highest levels of tennis."
Alex Stokker
Alex Stokker Romania
"The first course that actually gives you the experience of working with ATP players. Completely straightforward yet challenging and inspiring at the same time!"
Gregor Ficko
Gregor Ficko Slovenia