Honoring Carlos Goffi

Honoring Carlos Goffi

05 April 2024

It is with great pride that we announce Mr. Carlos Goffi as the recipient of the WTC Lifetime Contribution Tennis Award 2024 at the 4th World Tennis Conference, organized by GPTCA/SI and supported by ATP. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Goffi has left an indelible mark on the world of tennis through his unwavering dedication and profound contributions. His impact has been felt far and wide, touching the lives of countless players, coaches, and programs, and fostering the growth and development of the sport.

Carlos Goffi, hailing from Brazil, embarked on his tennis journey at the Tennis Club of Sao Paulo, under the presidency of his father. Representing Brazil in various prestigious tournaments like the South American Championships, Orange Bowl, Wimbledon, and Galea Cup, Goffi showcased his talent on the international stage. In 1970, he ventured to the United States, becoming one of the pioneering Brazilian student-athletes to pursue higher education, earning degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from the University of Kansas.

Transitioning into a multifaceted career, Goffi initially delved into professional tennis coaching and writing. Commencing his coaching tenure at the Port Washington Tennis Academy in New York in 1975, under the guidance of mentor Harry Hopman, Goffi served as the Junior Program Director. Notably, he mentored top junior players, including John McEnroe, shaping their careers. Goffi also authored the bestseller "Tournament Tough: A Guide to Junior Championship Tennis," featuring commentary by McEnroe, during McEnroe's peak as the world's top player.

Further extending his legacy, Goffi's son Josh emerged as a former ATP/Davis Cup player and currently serves as the Men’s Tennis Coach for the University of South Carolina. Presently residing in Central Florida, Goffi remains actively involved in tennis and real estate investments, continuing to make an impact in both realms.

Previous recipients of this prestigious award include esteemed figures such as Nick Bollettieri, Niki Pilic, Dr. Jim Loehr, and Dr. Jack Groppel. Now, in 2024, Mr. Carlos Goffi joins their ranks, honored for his remarkable career and tireless dedication to the sport.