Become a member

Our membership procedure is outlined below.

Step 1
Determining Eligibility

Send us your detailed CV (or use our level recommender) so that our Board Members could determine what level - A, B or C - is appropriate for you. Note that the level A is attained mostly on the basis of achievements. Level C and B certfiication is usually gained through successful completion of courses, though it can be granted on the basis of a proven track in working with tennis players. 

Step 2
Participation in a course

Unless you have been assigned one of the three levels of coaching proficiency, you have to take part in a course (C or B-Level) organized by the GPCTA in one of its member countries or through our Online University. Upon successful completion of the course, you become a Full Member of the GPTCA and can fully enjoy our exclusive benefits.


Entry Fee (excluding A-Level Members): 100 EUR
Annual Membership Fee: 120 EUR

To start the membership procedure, contact: