- Works in a small tennis school in Pordenone, Italy

- Collaborates with an ATP coach, Gianluca Carbone

- Has worked in the Veneto region for four years

- Managed several schools in Friuli Venezia Giulia

- Worked for several years with Prof. Aureliano Musulin, former trainer of Claudio Pistolesi, Simone Bolelli, Jonas Svensson ...

- Trained several good C and B series players


Playing Career

- Played tennis in Tennis Club Treviso, and was a teammate of Renzo Furlan (former ATP #18 ATP) 
- Well placed in the Italian junior ranking
- Stopped playing at the age of 18 due to injury

GPTCA C-Level International Coach

F.I.T Instructor Level B

UISP Instructor Level B

UISP Tennis Trainer Level B


Diploma in Accounting

Paolo Lezzelle

Email: paolo.lezzelle@gmail.com
Phone no.: 39 340 3321122