Coach in the Alberto Castellani Team

President of Sporting Club Lavello

Full-time coach in the Alberto Castellani Team

- Consultant for the tennis conditioning of some juniors in “Le Colline Sporting Center” in Frascati, Rome
- Consultant for the tennis conditioning of some juniors in the “Sant’Agnese Tennis Club” in Rome

March 2021 
Participated as a speaker at the World Tennis Conference by Segal Institute and GPTCA

Coach in the winter preparation of a group of tennis players, directed by coach Alberto Castellani, at the Cuban National Tennis Center in Havana, Cuba

- Assistant coach to Alberto Castellani at an intensive stage in Torgiano (Italy)

November 2018 
Participated as a speaker at the 20th International Tennis Symposium, organized by Pro Camp Italia, at the Pala Pavesi in Milan

Tennis instructor at the Sporting Club Lavello and privately followed some juniors

Tennis instructor at the Tennis Club Melfi
- Assistant coach to Patricio Remondegui at the stages organized at the Tennis Club Melfi

- Worked for a month as a tennis instructor at the Vilas Tennis Academy in Mallorca, Spain

July 2018
PTR Instructor in 10 & Under and Performance

Participated in the national conference UISP Tennis in Calenzano
Attended an update course of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association

November 2016 
1st degree F.I.T Instructor certificate

June 2016
GPTCA B-Level International Coach
1st Level Sport Mental Coach, by the Scuola Superiore di Psicologia dello Sport in Rome

November 2015 
Attended the Mental Coaching course organized by the PTR
GPTCA C-Level International Coach

UISP Regional Instructor
Participated in the national conference UISP Tennis in Cesenatico

November 2014 
PTR Associate Instructor in Performance

October 2014 
PTR Associate Instructor in 10 & Under


Currently a Ph.D. student of Industrial Engineering applied to Sports at the Tor Vergata University of Rome

Postgraduate 1st level Master’s Degree in Controlled Physical Preparation, and Master's Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities with 110 /110 laude from the San Raffaele University of Rome

Graduated in Physical Education


March 2022 
Attended an ACSI course in Functional Ergonomic Gymnastics

Licensed practitioner of NLP, attending an NLP® course organized by Coaching PNL & Training, a company accredited by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

April 2017 
Participated in the HESTOUREX World Health-Sport Tourism Congress & Exhibition held from 6 to 9 April 2017 in Antalya, Turkey




- Physical education teacher at school in Rome
- Working in the Sports Engineering Lab research group, at the Tor Vergata University of Rome

September 2020 
Organized the IV Tennis Tournament “Città di Lavello"

May 2019 
Organized the multi-sport and cultural event "Sport & Culture" with Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture and sponsored by UISP Nazionale and the municipalities concerned, held from 20 to 26 May in various sports centers in Basilicata and in “Enrico Mattei” square in Lavello
- During the event, there was a fundraiser for the GianFranco Lupo Onlus, supported by several well-known athletes and sportsmen

August 2019 
Organized the III Tennis Tournament “Città di Lavello"

August 2018 
Organized the II Tennis Tournament “Città di Lavello" in favor of Telethon

April 2018 
Organized a Sport Coaching course with ISMCA, at the museum and the council chamber of the municipality of Lavello

Carried out consultancy for the athletic evaluation of boys in various Italian clubs such as Manfredonia, Crispiano, Ravenna, and presents the academies of Angie Kerber and Rafael Nadal

Founded Capriolisports, a sports services company that specialized in developing software, applications, and tools for sports
- Developed with prof. Salvatore Buzzelli a software for physical preparation in tennis, and “Polifemo SensoBuzz”, a new machine for specific training in situation sports, purchased and used by professional players and coaches such as Marco Panichi (current physical trainer of Novak Djokovic), Annalisa Coltorti (physical trainer of the national fencing team). It also files a patent application for an “Apparatus for the emission, partially random, of visual and acoustic signals in time programmable remotely", allowing motor anticipation training (Question N°202017000118768, Caprioli L. – Buzzelli S.)
- Developed with prof. Alberto Castellani, Egograms, the first application for an objective analysis of the mental performance of the tennis player and downloadable from the Google Play Store

September 2017 
Organized the I Tennis Tournament “Città di Lavello"

- Interviewed by Jason D'Alessandro for the magazine Tennis Match
- Interviewed by the national tennis TV “SuperTennis" which broadcasts a service on Polifemo SensoBuzz aired on 6 January 2018 on channel 224 of Sky and 64 of digital terrestrial


Lucio Caprioli

Email: capriolitennis@gmail.com
Phone no.: +39 3312312165
Website: www.capriolisports.com