June 2023-to-date
Senior High Performance Coach at Morlotti Academy, Hong Kong 
- Morlotti Academy is Hong Kong’s Premier High-Performance Tennis Academy 
- They provide coaching services at: clubs, private residential complexes, schools and public court facilities around Hong Kong
- Their focus is primarily on High Performance coaching, Morlotti Academy also offers corporate pack deals, private lessons semi-private lessons as well as group lessons to anyone at any level who is interested in developing their tennis skills

- Coach in Kynes Club, Varese, with Emanuele Galli Anatrini
- Sparring partner to Zaklin Bokan, Slovenian WTA player coached by Dario Morosin from Croatia and Samire De Stefano, Italian WTA player
- Coach in Tennis Club Le Bettole, Varese, since he finished school, it was the club where he grew up

- Sparring partner and hitting coach in Hong Kong with several futures level players
- He’s also overlooked several lessons held by the current Morlotti Academy director, Andrea Morlotti

Every time he went to visit his family in Argentina he always went to Tennis Club Pergamino as tennis coach and sparring partner

Trained with futures level players at Jockey Club Venado Tuerto Argentina, Guillermo Coria’s academy

Playing Career

Winner of the UISP Championship 2012

GPTCA C-Level International Coach
Tennis Integrity Protection Programme (TIPP) by TIU

Unione Italiana Sport Per Tutti - Tennis Coach Certificate

PTR Symposium Tennis Event with Tony Nadal

G.B. Vico Liceo Linguistico - secondary school diploma

Mira Tennis, Hong Kong 
- Mira Tennis is Hong Kong’s premier Tennis Company specialised in mini tennis development, experienced in contracting with international and private schools around Hong Kong
- Their expertise lies in nurturing children from as early as the age of 2 up until 13+ years of age
- Using the International Tennis Federation (ITF) system with different pressurised balls, court dimensions and net heights according to different age group levels, they provide that essential initial step in child’s tennis journey

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