Coach of Lucrezia Stefanini (Career High WTA ranking in singles no.111)
- She had no ranking when they started working together, now she is close to breaking into the top 100

Coach of Alexander Weis until 2022 (Career High ATP ranking no.350), Cristian Carli (Career High ATP ranking no.400), Jacopo Stefanini (Career High ATP ranking no.550), Nicolo Turchetti (Career High ATP ranking no.530), Lisa Ponomar from Germany (Career High WTA ranking no.650)

Director of a club for professional tennis players in Milan

Playing Career

Career High ATP ranking in singles no.891

F.I.T Coach (Maestro nazionale)

GPTCA B-Level International Coach

Scientific high school diploma

Ferdinando Bonuccelli

Email: bonuce91@hotmail.it
Phone no.: +393478983090