Dirk Hordorff, GPTCA VP, dies aged 67

01 August 2023

BACH, SWITZERLAND – The GPTCA would like to announce the passing of Dirk Hordorff, its long-time Vice President, who died suddenly on Wednesday, leaving behind an organisation of people who are mourning his passing and a tennis community which will forever bear his impact.

GPTCA President Alberto Castellani said, "I am heartbroken. Dirk was an icon in the tennis community, and above all a kind and incredible family man. His dedication to our organization was unmatched. He was my best friend but most of all he was a generous soul.”

"Our hearts are broken and grieving the loss of a man who was a dear friend and beloved by so many people," GPTCA’s Vice President Rainer Schuettler said. "Dirk faithfully served the GPTCA organization for 12 years, was a trailblazer and champion for others, and above all, treated people with a kindness and dignity that left a lasting mark on everyone he met. Our deepest condolences and our unwavering support go out to his family and nearest relatives," Secretary General Marcin Matysik added.

Dirk Hordorff founded the GPTCA in 2011 together with Toni Nadal, Alberto Castellani and Rainer Schuettler.