Actively collaborated with the Castellani team participating in several annual pre season training sessions; coaching and following several players in several ATP Challenger and Future tournaments, such as Tomislav Brkic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ante Pavic from Croatia (ATP ranked)

Within the Castellani team he followed several Future tournaments and coached Nernan Fatic from Bosnia and Herzegovina (ATP ranked) and Antun Vidak from Croatia

Within the Castellani team, he followed and coached several Italian and foreign players in several Future tournaments

Besides the national and international activity within the Castellani team, he ran the training tennis school of the “ASD Tennis Club Colombella” (2005-2009) and the training tennis school of the “ASD New Pattol Club” (2010)

Started his collabration with the Alberto Castellani’s international team “The art of tennis”, coaching and following several professional ATP ranked players in several Challenger and ATP tournaments. Players such as Adrian Voinea, Hicham Arazi, Razban Sabau, Massimo Cierro and others were part of the team

Coached and followed Italian tennis player Stefano Pescosolido to some tournaments

Tennis Integrity Protection Programme (TIPP) by TIU (valid till July 2022)

GPTCA A-Level International Coach

Level 2 Instructor, Italian Tennis Federation

UISP Coach

Andrea Castellani

Email: thecure68@libero.it
Phone no.: +393463213441