President at ASD Training Team

Coach of the Team “Luigi Bocconi University”, that participates in various International Tournaments including Rolland Garros in Paris

- Trainer in Courses for Professional Tennis Holistic ® Teachers, Holistic Educators Sports, Holistic Educators
- Writing articles of "Tennis & Zen" for the Magazine and Portal "Tennis World Italy" and “Tennis World USA”

Collaborates with the San Paolo Hospital in Milan, to follow groups of mentally disabled through tennis lessons

Founder and Head of School Temple, Bio-Natural Disciplines

Researcher at ASD Training Team

Spokeswoman on topics related to Sports and Disciplines Bio-Natural

Technical and Sport Director of the School Tennis Rozzano

Coach of Tennis Rozzano Training Team in National Championships

President of ASD Training Team, Tennis and Disciplines Bio Natural

Coach of ASD Training Team in National Championships

Tennis teacher at Italian Tennis Federation, District of Milan

Tennis teacher at the University Sports Centre of Varese

Tennis teacher at European Sports Association Tennis School

Tennis teacher at at various tennis schools

- Coached Athletes of national and international level in various sports

- Coached Elena Pioppo (singles ranking #320 WTA, doubles ranking #283 WTA); Elisa Villa (Singles Ranking #364 WTA, Doubles Ranking #683 WTA); Sara Ventura (Singles Ranking #498 WTA, Doubles Ranking #372 WTA) and other Tennis Athlets from #1000 to #850 WTA

Wrote and published several books including "The Athlete Zen" in 2007, "Tennis Holistic" in 2011, "The Zen Athlete" (Psychology and Sport) in 2012 and "Emotions" in 2016, with considerable editorial success

Playing Career

Highest Personal National Ranking, as Athlete, B1 in 1998

Experience as a player at International Junior Tournaments (Avvenire, Bonfiglio, etc.) and Professional Tournaments (10.000$ in Valencia, Rome, etc.)

- Current ranking 3.5

Ph.D in Science and Applied Psychological Techniques - Herisau University, Switzerland

Convention for UISP Masters, Caserta

Training Courses for Teachers and UISP Masters, Milan and Caserta

Meeting for UISP Masters, Cesenatico

GPTCA B-Level International Coach

Master of Tennis Holistic ®
Kinesiologist and Cyberkinetics ®

Reiki Master / Usui

Professional Coach S.I.L.C. (Italian School of Life Coaching) / C.E.E.

Instructor National Tennis F.I.T. / C.O.N.I.

Instructor National Tennis C.O.N.I. / C.E.E. / M.S.P.

Technical Tennis C.O.N.I. / C.E.E. / M.S.P.

Maturity Higher Technical‐Scientific
First Certificate in English, University of Cambridge
Certificate in Business English, British Chamber of Commerce for Italy

Instructor Tennis C.O.N.I. / U.I.S.P.

November 2015-April 2016
Held a Mental Coaching Course for coaches of various sports at the University of Bocconi in Milan

September 2014-to-date
Agreement with Bocconi University in Milan to hold Discipline Bio Natural Seminars

- Coaching, U.S.P.T.R. (United States Professional Tennis Registry)
- Teacher's Conference, Bollettieri Tennis Academy
- Tennis Training, Bollettieri Tennis Academy
- Sports Holistic Life Coach
- Writer
- Supply and Integration in Activity Sports
- Training for Executives Sports, Municipality of Milan, CONI
- Specialization for Executives Sports, Municipality of Milan, CONI
- The Programming of Training in Gym
- Vegetarian Cooking Classes, Chef Simone Salvini, AVI
- Comparing Methods of Training; Pato Alvarez, UISP
- Methodology, Preparatory, Organization of Practice in Tennis, Joe Dinoffer, USPTR Symposium of the Professional Tennis Registry 2007
- Fundamentals and Organization of Training Sports
- Stretching
- Electro and Techniques of Use
- Biomechanics of Exercises in the Gym
- The Anabolic
- The Mental Preparation In Sports
- Psychology Practice
- Theories of Psychological Development
- The Athlete Nutrition
- Mental Training
- Sport Psychology
- Mental Gymnastics
- Sociology
- Education
- The Essences, Bach Flowers
- The Healing Power of Crystals
- Stage Photography at Studio Cotti & Bassani Milan

Courses taken at the International School of Educational Psychosynthesis:

- Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis
- Developmental Psychology
- Acceptance
- Contact: the body of vehicle information
- Presentation of the Model Psychosynthetic
- Exploring the Soul Manifold
- The Sub‐Personalities
- Know-Do you own / Accept - Transform
- The Psychic Functions
- Feeling
- The Process of Synthesis

Amanda Gesualdi

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