GPTCA partners with with iTennisYou

04 October 2021

GPTCA has entered into a partnership with iTennisYou, a software platform that provides academies, coaches and players with a set of tools that facilitate the management and self-management of training and also help analyze its progress.

Some of the platform functionalities include:

• Planning and measuring training;

• Evaluating students’ performance as well as their technical progres;

• Obtaining individual and collective statistics.

The main goal of the platform is to make the teams of people (surrounding an academy or player) work together in order to maximise their efforts and results.

”iTennisYou startup is an outstanding addition to our international corporate partners,” said Marcin Matysik, Secretary Gen. of the GPTCA. ”We always welcome innovation with open arms and we hope that this startup will transform the way in which coaches communicate with their players and will make their job way easier.”



The CEO is Xavier Vaguer Freixes. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Delaware, USA.