GPTCA Announces Partnership with Eyes3

13 November 2023

The Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Eyes3, a cutting-edge portable AI software designed specifically for the tennis community. Their flagship software eyes3 is a portable AI software provides professional, real-time data analytics to facilitate data driven and goal based training for players of all levels. 

GPTCA Members and their players can now use Eyes3 to get instant, quantitative feedback and track progress over time easily. Eyes3 does not impose a particular methodology but is complementary to any training methodology.  All the features can be adopted incrementally according to the training styles and preferences. 

This collaboration opens up a new chapter in tennis coaching, where data-driven and goal-based training becomes easily accessible for coaches and students alike. 

Key Features of Eyes3 include:

  • Preset training programs and result capturing for key tennis skills
  • Collect data for training program over time by student and enable custom reports for specific students
  • Record multi-angle videos together with data to provide instant feedback with frame by frame replay
  • Provide key measures for each program including landing position, ball speed, ball height, and ball spin
  • Allow a coach to record data for multiple students easily in the same training session
  • Data integration to 3rd tool for advanced analytics and customised reporting
  • Portability allows eyes3 to be taken anywhere to capture videos and data for away games for players
  • Create a library of videos and analytics for your opponents in a match
  • Maintain a ladder for top scores for each skills (e.g. serve speed) in a club, or serve competition
  • High quality and accurate automated electronic line calls for any tournaments
  • Broadcast quality live scoreboard with instant replay

For more information about Eyes3 and its innovative features, visit