We bring the passion for tennis to the court!

AS Tennis GmbH developed a few years ago from an idea and the love for tennis of the company owner Sascha Müller, who was born in Koblenz.

Today the idea has become reality and our aim is to help people to get the best out of themselves in order to develop personally - on and off the tennis court.

Tennis can and will give you perspectives you never dreamed of... We are ordinary people... and are not Grand Slam winners, nor are we in the top 10 in the world... and even if we were... we can assure you that tennis has given us a better and more meaningful life.

With our company we want to contribute to giving something back.

Since every player is unique, the training method must also be individually tailored to his needs.

Our main focus is to help people build their confidence and believe in their ability to achieve their dreams.

The result of the experiences we have builds our self-esteem. Therefore, the ability to create daily positive experiences in the form of small victories will help our dreams come true and grow.

There is no "AS Tennis Method" but an approach and concept developed for each player. It's often the little things that take us a huge step forward.

However, the following factors should always be part of professional tennis training:

  • tennis specific athletics
  • tennis technique
  • tennis tactics
  • timing & rhythm
  • stability & balance
  • mental tennis
  • passion & fun

Sascha Müller | CEO (GPTCA Member)

Ingo Böhme | Coach

Mihailo Pavlovic | Coach & Sparring

Etienne Hannappel | Coach & Sparring

Denis Spahic | Coach

Velimir Bijeljanic | Coach

Hrvoje Feth | Coach

Melanie Schick | Occupational therapist, Coach for autogenic training and muscle relaxation, Integration Kinesologist, Theroy, Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuromotor Immaturity

Philipp Tworeck | Strentgh & Conditioning & Metabolism Analysis,  Performance Analysis, Nutrition Coach